Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Provence, 31st October 2006

We had a cracking weekend at the Blackfoot's, but it is great to be back home in my house, here in Provence. I have known the Blackfoot's for about 40 years. I met him first when he was a dashing young officer in a smart calvary regiment attached to my brigade in Germany. We had set up a huge marquee on the mess lawn in order to host a most important guest, a colonel in chief of our regiment, no less a personage than H.R.H. Princess Margaret. On the day before her arrival, Blackfoot and a couple of his pals, invaded the marquee on motorbikes and smoke bombed it. There was hell to pay. Dismissed, of course, as a youthful prank. But our colonel was not amused and demanded that Blackfoot face disciplinary action. Actually there is so much I could tell you about Blackfoot, that I have decided, from time to time, to recount some of the adventures, experiences, catastrophies and assorted mishaps that have befallen Blackfoot over the years.



Blogger David said...

Dear Mr Floyd, just a note to wish you well in your new restaurant. You have in the past mentioned your inspiration from the late Mr Perry-Smith at the Hole in Wall, Bath. It would be good to hear more of of your experiences there. sadly the Hole is not the same at all, although I can only remember it in the 80's some years after being sold, but it retained its atmosphere. That has vanished now, the rooms have gone, the lovely sitting rooms with comfy sofas and chairs, where one had a decent G&T before descending to dine, have long been given over to an estate agent. The rooms above are now offices. Best wishes David Edwards, Bath

4:57 PM  
Blogger firepoal said...

Hi Mr Floyd could you tell me where I can get the Red Champagne you like and what it is called. Thank you, I did perhaps think it was Boozy Rouge but have had no luck with this. Regards, Lisa

8:00 AM  
Blogger Eddie V - North Carolina USA said...

Dear Floydie,

I have been a loyal fan of yours since I first saw Floyd on Great Britain and Ireland in the 1980s. You were my inspiration to become a better home cook and gastronaut.
Cheers to you for being my unwhitting mentor.

So, tell me. Where can I get my hands on DVDs of those great cookery shows, Floyd on Great Britain and Ireland, Floyd on Italy, Floyd Uncorked, etc.?

All the best with your new restaraunt.

8:07 AM  

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