Monday, November 13, 2006

Linthwaite House Hotel

It is good to see Raphael's choice in the Sunday Times, 10 gormet hotels. Delighted my old friend Kit Chapman is still blazing a trail at the Castle Hotel in Taunton, but much more pleasing is that my friend Mike Bevans, at Linthwaite House was also included, and, by the way, he has just won just another award as the best Country House Hotel.

Mind you, I am not sure that Mike knows too much about char, a wonderful fish from the lake district and parts of Wales and of course the Arctic Circle, I shall, over time, be starting a gentle campaign against the well intentioned, but misguided, enery that country house hotels put into baking their own bread

.... watch this space.


Blogger Erik said...

Greetings Floyd from Minnesota USA!
I realy enjoyed your video's from soueast Asia and the food. You are a globetrotter-try Norway if you haven't yet. I lived in Trondheim, a very quaint and beautiful city in N. Norway. I'd love to meet you some day and cook up a meal and a glass of French wine, chef-to-chef. Where do I find you? Thailand?? Provence??
Erik the Viking

4:18 PM  

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